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At Exact Print, we specialise in training manual printing and supply a range of bindings (such as comb, spiral, wire “o” and perfect binding) to choose from. Tabbed insert can be added to both spiral and ring binding. Tabbed inserts can also be added to title your own specification if required. Some example prices for A4 manuals in ring binders are shown above. For a more detailed quote for printing your manual, or prices for other sizes or bindings, please use the price estimator or contact us for a quote.

How many pages?

In the print industry, the number of pages in a book means the number of ‘sides’ of paper – imagine you are reading a book with numbered pages starting at page number 1, then turning the page to get to page 2 on the other side, and so on. When printing and binding a book or booklet, there needs to be a total number of pages which is divisible by four. The minimum number of pages is eight – four pages of text and a four-page cover (the cover can be the same material as the text if required – known as ‘self-cover’ booklet printing). When ordering, please let us know the total number of pages including the four-page cover.


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